Online Blackjack Canada

Blackjack is the web’s most popular card game, even more so than online poker! A game that allows players to use skill and strategy to reduce the house edge and improve their winning chances, Blackjack certainly has its merits.

At we bring you the top rated casinos that welcome players from the region and we make sure that we put the best online Blackjack game within easy reach. Many of the casinos we recommend offer a wide selection of Blackjack casino variants and you can enjoy classic or contemporary card comparing fun whenever it suits you.

Playing Blackjack online offers players numerous benefits, with one of the biggest being that they can learn how to play, practice strategies and hone skills all without depositing a cent. Free Blackjack games provide the ideal platform for players to refine their gaming and work out what works best for them, giving them an added feeling of confidence when switching to real money play.

When you play Blackjack online Canada you’ll go up against the dealer, rather than other players and your objective is to have a hand that beats the dealers and is as close to as possible, or equalling 21. Should you go over 21, you’ll bust and the dealer will automatically be the winner.

Scoring is easy, and the software will calculate your total automatically, but for the sake of strategy and good Blackjack game play you should know that Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 10, cards 2 to 10 have their face value and an Ace can be either 1 or 11, depending on what’s already in your hand.

TOP Blackjack CasinosJune 2024
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Play Blackjack Online Canada

For Canadian players it’s as easy as 1, 2 3 to choose a Blackjack casino that we recommend, sign up, claim your casino bonus and start enjoying a hand of Blackjack. Every Blackjack game on offer has proven to be realistic, feature superb graphics, sound effects that add to the realism and smooth navigation.

To begin you’ll be dealt two cards, face up and the dealer will receive one card face down, one up. Should your initial hand equal 21, you’ll have Blackjack and be declared the winner, unless the dealer also has a hand that equals 21, in which case you’ll have a tie or as it’s know, a push. Should you go to push, your original bets are carried over the next hand. Should you wish to discard a card or ask for another, you’ll either Hit or Stand. To Hit means that you’ll ask for another card and to Stand means you’ll retain the cards you have already been dealt and end your turn.

Enjoy Blackjack Game Variants at Top Canadian Casinos

As online casinos are not restricted by floor space, or limited by location they can offer a vast number of different styles of Blackjack game, designed to cater to every preference. You can try your hand at games such as European, Atlantic City or Spanish Blackjack or opt for Surrender, which is a popular favourite. Alternatively you could play Triple 7’s, Progressive jackpot blackjack, Double Exposure or any other exciting option that’s readily on offer to Canadian table game enthusiasts.

Pick a Blackjack casino that’s endorsed by and enjoy an Blackjack online experience that’s unparalleled.